How to use the drip batch campaign feature

How to use the drip batch campaign feature

With access to a system like Conversion iQ it is important that we use our marketing features strategically. For instance, if we are going to add a large group of contacts to a drip campaign that sends an instant text message, we want to make sure they are sent in groups over a period of time instead of all at once!

This is called Drip Batch Mode:

Using this feature will allow you to add batches (groups) of leads to a drip campaign over the course of time.

Simply select your contacts:

Click the actions button and choose add to campaign:

Select the campaign you wish to run. For today’s example we are using the revival campaign:

Next we need to make sure we select the process in drip mode option:

This will open additional settings for how we want to setup the drip:

Start Date: This is the date that your first batch will be applied to the drip:

Process Type: What interval do you want this to be based off of? Minutes, Hours or Days? For this example we want 10 of the 50 leads to be added daily:

Batch Quantity: This will determine how many of the leads are added per batch. For this example it would be set to 10:

Repeat after: This will determine how often the batch repeats. If we want this to go daily we would do every 1 day:

Lastly you can set this batch campaign to run every day of the week or only on specific days such as weekdays:

Congratulations you just ran your first batch drip campaign!