How to Access your REN University courses

How to Access your REN University courses

How to access your

REN University Courses

REN University: This is our online education platform with video training as well as different resources like your sales and marketing toolkit. Depending on your level of service you will be assigned a bundle of different online courses related to your product!

Step 1: Login to your dashboard at Https://

Note: Use your personal email address that you supplied REN and the password RENClient1! To login. If this does not work please contact!

Step 2:Click on the REN University tile

Step 4: Login to your REN university account using the same credentials as your dashboard

Step 5: Click on the My Enrollments module

Step 6: Select your bundle by clicking access now

Note: Depending on your level of service you may see a different bundle related to your product

Step 7: From the bundle home page click on access bundle

Step 8: Select your course by clicking access now

Step 9: Complete all steps within each module

  1. Video: There will typically be a video training to review the course material
  2. Handouts: With some course modules there will be additional documents you may need to access
  3. Completion: Some courses require the previous module to be completed before you can continue

Step 10: Repeat this process to access any courses in your REN University

Congratulations you have successfully completed a course in the REN University!