Conversion IQ Triggers Overview

Conversion IQ Triggers Overview

Welcome to the Conversion IQ Triggers module! Here you can build out automated actions based on specific triggers in your CRM!

First let’s navigate to the triggers module by clicking triggers in the left hand sidebar:

Next we want to make sure our triggers are organized so let’s go ahead and create a trigger folder:

Name your folder based on the type of action like stage changes:

Next Let’s click the add new trigger button:

And name the trigger based on our desired outcome:

Now we have to select what event should trigger this automation. Below are the trigger options you have available:

Added to Campaign: Runs when a contact was added to a campaign.

Anniversary Reminder: Runs when a contact’s anniversary date comes up.

Appointment: Runs on all appointment status changes.

Appointment Status Change: Runs on appointment marked as completed or done.

Birthday Reminder: Runs when a contact’s birthday comes up.

Call Disconnect from Power Dialer: Runs when a contact is disconnected from the power dialer.

Contact Replied: Runs when a contact responded to outbound communications performed in the system.

Contact Tag: Runs when specific tags are added or removed from a contact.

Create Activity: Runs when an activity is created.

Customer Booked appointment: Runs when a contact books an appointment themselves.

Deal Won / Lost: Runs when a deal is changed to the won or lost status.

Form Submission: Runs when a contact submits an online form from the form builder.

Incoming Call: Runs when an incoming call is processed in the system.

Message Filter: Runs when a message is flagged for going against carrier guidelines.

Missed Call: Runs when a missed call is reported in your system.

Outgoing Call: Runs when you initiate an outbound call through the system.

Pipeline Stage Changed: Runs when a deal is changed to a different pipeline stage.

SMS Account Suspended: Runs when an SMS account is suspended.

Stale Opportunity: Runs when an opportunity status is changed.

Task Reminder: Runs when a task is due.

Each trigger option has filter criteria to choose from as well. Let’s use pipeline stage changed as an example:

Now let’s add a filter for a specific pipeline stage being the trigger. This means that the actions will only happen when this stage is selected:

Once we have our trigger set we can now perform specific actions. You can setup more than one action for each trigger.

Here are a list of the actions you have available to choose from:

Add to Campaign: Add the contact to a specific marketing automation campaign.

Remove From Campaign: Remove the contact from a specific marketing automation campaign.

Remove From All Campaigns: Remove the contact from all current marketing automation campaigns.

Remove Contact Tag: Remove a specific tag from the contact.

Add Contact Tag: Add a specific tag to the contact.

Send Email: Send an email notification to the contact.

Send SMS: Send a direct SMS text message to the contact.

Add Notes: Add a predefined note to the contact.

Add Activity: Add a predefined activity to the contact.

Add Deal / Change Stage: Add or change the stage of the deal associated with the contact.

Add Collaborator: Add a team member collaborator who can view the lead details as a sub user.

Remove Collaborator: Remove a team member collaborator so they can no longer see lead details as a sub user.

Webhook Integration: Send the contact information to a specific webhook url.

Add to List: Add the contact to a specific lead list.

Remove From List: Remove the contact from a specific lead list.

Remove All Tags: Remove all associated tags from a contact.

Third Party Integration: Select a third party integration to run/

Add Source: Add a specific lead source to the contact.

Zapier Webhook Integration: Send the contact information to a Zapier webhook url.

Ringless Voicemail: Send the contact a ringless voicemail message.

Add To Another Power Dialer: Add the contact to another power dialer call queue.

MMS: Send the contact an MMS text message (Image)

For this example we will have all contacts moved to the 30 day follow up stage automatically add a tag of A_List, remove the contact from any speed to lead campaigns they may be on and start the sphere of influence nurture campaign:

We can also set follow up task reminders on a weekly basis for the next 30 days to ensure we do not lose sight of our lead!

Congratulations you have successfully set up a 30 Day Follow up trigger! Repeat this process for your 60 day and 90 day follow up. For 60 day follow up be sure to include task reminders for every 14 days, and for 90 day follow up every 30 days!