Conversion IQ Reporting Overview

Conversion IQ Reporting Overview

Welcome to the Conversion IQ Reporting module! Here you see all of the reporting and goals for you or your team!

There are a few different reports that you can run inside of the system:

Business Report: This report shows analytics on activities that happen within the system such as texts and emails sent, calls completed, appointments set and deals closed!

You can filter by date types by clicking the date filter in the top right corner:

You can also add more data to the main page by clicking the add columns button:

The next report is known as a goal report:

To get started with goal reports you must first set a personal, team or company goal. Click the add goal button in the top right corner.

Next we need to set the assignee, for this example we used a personal user goal:

Now we need to set our goal type, are we tracking amount of activities being added such as appointments? Or are we tracking activities completed such as follow up calls made?

For this example we will be doing activities added > Appointments:

You can also choose a specific pipeline stage OR select no specific pipeline as a filter:

Now we need to set our goal, say for the month we want to hit 16 appointments we should insert 16 as the value:

Next we need to set our goal interval, is this something that will be tracked on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis:

Lastly how long do we want this goal to stay active:

Click save!

Now that our goal is set we can see the analytics by clicking the blue arrow:

Our third report is your order history. Simply put, this will track any pending, canceled, failed or completed orders for physical mail such as postcards, letters, notecards or gifts.

The Drip Batch report will show you how many sequences of a campaign have been completed vs remain. With the campaigns you can add contacts to them in specific batches.

A great example would be adding 500 people to the general touching base revival campaign. Instead of all 500 going out at once you can simply have 100 be added per day for 5 days. For more details please reference the contacts module overview.

Our last reports are call logs and power dialer call logs. These will keep track of any outbound calls made from the system. You can also download the call recordings here:

Congratulations you have successfully mastered the Reporting Module in Conversion iQ!