Conversion IQ Inbox Overview

Conversion IQ Inbox Overview

Welcome to Conversion IQ’s inbox module. Here you can see any inbound communications through text or email! You can also edit lead details right from the conversation history!

Let’s take a quick look at the functionality of the inbox module.

First Click on the inbox module from the left hand menu bar:

Next we can see our inbox history with filters for All, Unread, Recent, Important and archived conversations:

From here we can select a conversation from the history sidebar:

Once we have selected our conversation a new conversation window will appear in the middle of our screen:

From this window you can continue the conversation by clicking on the send a message button:

Within the send message feature you can send a direct mms text message. You can add personalized fields from the contact details, load a quick reply template or add an image attachment!

You can also send a direct voice message by recording or uploading an audio file:

And lastly you can leave notes on the account for the lead:

You can also mark this conversation as important, export the conversation as a PDF, view the contact full timeline, mark as unread, delete the conversation or add it to the archive by closing the conversation.

The inbox module will also open a right hand sidebar where you can edit specific lead details as follows:

Add collaborators: Are there other team members that you want to have access to the lead's history?

You can add a collaborator by clicking the plus button!

Tags: Add or Remove tags right from the inbox window!

Deals: Is your contact actively looking to buy or sell a home? Edit or Add a deal to track which stage of your pipeline they fall within.

Tasks: Setup reminders for appointments, follow up calls and other actions you may need to take for a specific lead.

Appointments: Setup appointment events that will trigger invitations to the attendee and remind you before the event!

Campaigns: See what campaigns are currently running, or have already ended!

You can also pause or unsubscribe a lead from a campaign as well as start a new campaign!

Notes: After having a conversation with a lead it is important to leave notes that you can go back to at a later date!

Form Entry: See if the lead has filled out any online forms that you generated through Conversion IQ!

Lead Source: View or edit the source that the lead was provided by!