Conversion IQ Deals Overview

Conversion IQ Deals Overview

Welcome to the Conversion IQ deals module! Here you can track the progress of your leads throughout the sales pipeline!

The stage of your lead can determine when and how often you should follow up with them. We consider a lead NEW when it enters our system and has not received our communications. But what happens when we attempt to communicate with them?

Your next stage should depend on the prospects' timeframe to complete a transaction.

The most common stage categories are listed below:

  1. New
  2. Prospecting
  3. Future Opportunities
  4. Not Interested
  5. Active
  6. Closed

Once you have attempted to contact a lead through any channel of marketing and have not had a conversation, you are PROSPECTING that lead! And as you get into conversations with your prospects, you will soon find out their time frame for a transaction. This would categorize them as a future opportunity or not interested.

If a lead is not interested, it is crucial to put them into a specific list so that you can send communications explicitly designed for that niche and revive their interests later.

Break down future Opportunities into sub-categories such as 30-day follow-up, 60-day follow-up, 90-day follow-up, and 6+ months. This plan will help you establish the appropriate Follow-Up Gameplan and never lose sight of your leads.

Following up with your leads in the proper time frame is essential, be sure to set reminders in your system to alert you.

30-day follow-up doesn’t necessarily mean you only follow up every 30 days. If you have a lead looking to make a transaction in the next month,  follow up with them weekly in case something in their life speeds up their time frame.

With a 60-day follow-up, it is best to check in bi-weekly to ensure that nothing has impacted their schedule. You can apply this same formula to your 90-day follow-ups, and 6-month follows.

As you can see in your Pipeline view in Conversion IQ we have pre established deal stages built for you:

You can add a lead to a deal stage by clicking the Plus button next to the associated stage:

From the add deal pop up you can search for a lead, give the deal a title such as the property address or clients name, select your sales pipeline and select the current stage.

We recommend holding off on using the deal value field until they are an active client and you are sure of what the transaction value may be.

You can also edit a deal right from the pipeline view by clicking the edit button.

From the deal options menu you can also change the color of the deal, delete the deal, move to another pipeline, mark the deal as closed or mark the deal as lost:

You can also manage the pipeline settings by clicking the gear icon:

In the settings menu you can add a stage:

Edit a stage name, tab color and text color:

Congratulations, you have now successfully navigated the deals module in Conversion IQ!