Conversion IQ Calendar Overview

Conversion IQ Calendar Overview

Welcome to the Conversion IQ Calendar module! Here you can see all of your open, complete and overdue activities!

Our calendar feature allows you to see all activity in a calendar view monthly, weekly or even daily!

You can filter between today’s activities, overdue activities and completed activities from the top filter bar:

You can also filter by activity type such as meetings, scheduled calls, email reminders, task reminders and deadlines.

Our calendar module also allows you to switch between a calendar or list view:

Lastly you can add new activities by clicking the add new activity button in the top right:

From the activity pop up menu you can select different activity types such as call reminder, appointment, task, deadline, email, follow up and other.

Once you have selected the activity type you can give the activity a title (Follow up with Lana) and a description (Notes on what the activity is for).

You can assign the activity to yourself or any other sub user on your team using the assign to drop down:

Make sure to set the appropriate date, time and duration of the activity:

Assign the contact that the activity is associated with:

And finally, select your notification settings. Here you can send an instant sms message to the lead, sync your event to a google calendar, send an email to the attendee and set a personal reminder.

Congratulations! You have successfully navigated the Calendar module inside of Conversion IQ!